15 January 2010

What Determine the Best Scary Contact Lenses

With the increased technology has made contact lenses more popular and increased its popularity. The increased technology has developed a new trend in scary contact lenses. These lenses were basically used in movies, plays and other theatrical endeavors. The popularity and desire for these lenses began to increase and there are huge selections of scary contact lenses for anybody with a prescription and also for those without.

The selection of scary lenses runs from the mild to the extreme. For the best scariest contact lenses really depend on your sense of scary and style. Scary contact lenses usually come in blood red, cat eye, hourglass, stitches, tempest, demon, mummy, berserker and other scary styles. Sometimes it is also come with a lens that is completely white.

One of the scariest lenses is the total blackout lens. This is because the lenses make the entire eye white and incredibly freaky and disconcerting for all who see the person wearing them. It looks like the person is walking dead or something scarier.

Another incredibly scary lens is the Banshee style contact. It has shape like a cat eye for the colored part. The black pupil is surrounded by yellow flames which are encapsulated by blood red. These contacts will scare everyone in your presence and some certain extend it looks like you have been taken over by an evil spirit.

Nowadays these contact lenses are easily to get over the Internet. The best part is you do not require a prescription or a visit to an optometrist. However, this might be a good idea especially if you have never worn contact lenses before and do not know the diameter of your eye. This is important to make sure you buy the lens that is fit to your eyes. Visiting your optometrist before purchasing these scary lenses could be vital for you.

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