19 January 2010

Vampire Contact Lenses for Halloween Things to Look

To stand out among the crowd in the special occasion such as during Halloween people try to dress differently. One of the choices is by using special contacts. When buying a costume for Halloween for example, vampire costume is one of the choices. Vampire contact lenses will give a scary look yet striking at the same time and also will give the effect of having realistic vampire eyes. However there are a few things to know first, before you make that first purchase.

Vampire contact lenses have different choices of colors such as zombie, spiral, feline or werewolf, and red vampire. The popular choice is red vampire contact lenses. They are painted red and that makes completely cover your natural eye's color. This gives the effect of you have true vampire eyes, and completely hides your human eyes. Those contacts have clear area in their centers to make you see through the lenses. This feature is important so it does not spoil the look of a vampire.

Currently there are many manufactures produce contacts but there are two main brands which is Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision and Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision. They have been making color contact lenses for several years, meaning their products can be guaranteed to look great and be safe for your eyes. If you want quality but cheaper in prices than Clearly Vampire Red lenses are a great choice to go with. Even at a lower price their contacts look spectacular.

Normally around September and October color contacts are very easy to get from costume shops, supermarkets, chemist shops, and even some gas stations. These however are not the best places to purchase your vampire contact lenses, especially if you're someone that needs vision correction. The big different between those lenses are higher quality vampire contact lenses are made in layers and it makes the dyes never touch your eyes directly. While lower quality lenses are painted, and can damage your eyes if worn extensively. Before buying the contacts always make sure they are reputable and provide you with quality products.

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Jacob said...

many are using different types of contact lenses as they are fashionable and stylish. and also to look different from others they are using this type of lenses.